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Integration of Supplier for Automotive Plastics and Electronic Industries

Total solutions contained innovation, cost effective and on-time services are essential to automotive manufacturers at this modern days and behind this approach is a driven forced for MING-LI to structure with advisable capabilities that beyond customers’ expectations. MING-LI provides precision molding services as a complete design engineering solution to satisfy customer’s ever-changing needs through customizing components.

MING-LI’s vertically integrated supply chain engaged with numerous qualified local subcontractors in distinct industries, our suppliers inculding fine blanking, die casting, plating, coating, etc. Therefore, from bolts, nuts, screws and rubber to intricate molding can all be customized. The full contract service as total solution package includes engineering, designing, tooling, manufacturing and assembling.

In no lesser emphasis, our thoughts on every stage of the development process – from the raw material, toolings, injection forming to sub-assembly, these are fundamentally bases into our daily routine. Our team of professional strives to accomplishment of “Executive Outcomes” for our customers.

Our underway projects in Suzhou and Kunshan, China, were built based on “Lean Production”, an extension customized manufacturing configurations for integrated sub-assembly module are preserved to meets with specific needs of our valuable clients.

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