PEEK molding / PEEK injection

A perfect PEEK molding & PEEK injection (PEEK bushing / PEEK gear), we assures its customers to provide a perfect molds for the perfect PEEK material parts which include PEEK bushing, PEEK gear, PEEK ring, etc.

Application: for Oil & Gas and automotive industry

MING-LI provides our customers with competitive molding solutions in high performance plastics. We offer unique expertise in the injection molding of PEEKTM, PPA, PPS and other high performance resins.

We have invested significant resources to develop industry leading expertise in PEEK molding and other advanced material applications.

With our world class in-house engineering, design, tooling and processing capabilities, MING-LI can work with you from the design concept stage to high volume production. By incorporating tooling and manufacturing improvements throughout the development cycle, MING-LI can help you optimize your component for production, bringing real value to your organization.


We use following peek from Victrex:


Victrex PEEK HT G22      Victrex PEEK 450G          Victrex PEEK 150CA30       Victrex PEEK 450CA30    Victrex PEEK WG102         

Victrex PEEK 450FC30    Victrex PEEK 150FC30    Victrex PEEK 450FE20       Victrex PEEK 450GL30    Victrex PEEK ST 45GL30

Peek Molding

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