Micro molding & micro injection

Leading of Micro molding & micro injection ...
We made it high precision.
Micro molding - Tolerance Range : Up to +/-0.003mm.
Monthly Capacity : 15 sets / Dies. 15 million pcs / Overmolding & Injection parts
Ming-Li have import the very high precision micro molding injection from WITTMANN BATTENFELD. The machine type is MicroPower. The main benefit of the MicroPower lies in its cost-efficiency.

Through shorter cycle times and lower material and energy consumption, cost savings between 30 and 50 % can be achieved compared to standardmachines.
Micro molding | micro injection
From simple manufacturing of small parts to the production of injection-molded high-precision and micro parts, the consequently improved all-electric MicroPower offers optimal solutions thanks to its intelligent machine concept.

This concept makes it possible to extend a basic machine model – starting from a simple “general purpose machine” for small parts – to a multi-functional production cell for highly complex micro parts, just by connecting modules.


Clean room-compatible standard concept

The standard machine frame is designed for easy cleaning. Without any structural alterations it can be combined with a laminar flow unit, which supplies class 6 clean air according to ISO 14644-1 standard.



A 2-component machine also is available by combining two injection aggregates placed next to each other and using a rotary table inside the clamping unit.

Advantages :
  • Cost- and energy-efficient, economizing on resources.
  • Outstanding parts quality through processing thermally homogeneous melt.
  • Processing of all injectable materials with shot volumes of up to 4 cm³.
  • Precise and powerful.
  • Clean room-compatible standard concept.
  • Also available in COMBMOULD version.
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