Which kinds of “plastic material” does MING-LI have experience?

Product materical- PEEK, PPS, PPE, PPA, PPO, PBT, PEI, PES, PET, PSU, PVC, PC, ABS, PE, PP, PS, PU, LCP, POM, Nylon PA, PA6, PA66, PA6T, PA9T, TPE, TPR, TPU, TPV, etc.

Special Material:  Peek (more than 15 years)


What are the main moulds technology and application of plastic parts which MING-LI has?



What kinds of molds info does MING-LI offer?

In-house CPK Rate:  ≧ 1.33
Tolerance Range :  Up to +/-0.01mm
Mold Size:  500L*500W*500H ; up to 1,000kgs
Monthly Capacity:  15 sets / Dies ; 13.8million pcs / Overmolding & Injection parts

Does MING-LI have customers from automotive market? Can you name some?

MING-LI has custormers in automotive market from EU, US, Asia and local. We have enter automotive industry more than 25 years. However, for confidential problem, please contact us for this question. Thank you.

Can MING-LI produce any special-material products?

MING-LI has experience with a special-material molding and plastic parts. For example peek, etc.

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