What Are Vehicle Pedals/levers?

A car usually has 2~3 pedals to control the power and speed of the car: the accelerator, the foot brake, and the clutch. Pedals can also be found in medical/healthcare surgical operation platforms, equipment foot pedals, etc. Contrary to common beliefs, vehicle pedals are difficult to manufacture and vehicle pedals are safety-related parts, they must sustain large and sudden application forces millions of times over their lifetime. Rupture or distortion of the pedal assembly will endanger the driver.


What Are Vehicle Pedals/levers Made of?

In order to reduce weight, automobile suppliers apply the principles of lightweight design. Fiber composite materials PA66 and PPA are both suitable for lightweight construction applications. They are high-tech thermoplastics usually formed by molding machines.



Ming-Li specializes in manufacturing vehicle pedals/levers for world-class companies for 20 years:

  •  Commercial vehicle pedals
  •  Off-Road vehicle pedals
  •  Agriculture vehicle pedals
  •  Utility vehicle pedals (bobcats, excavators)
  •  Semi Truck pedals

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